Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"This Poker Life," ft. Platonic.....A Dramatization by Lorin Yelle

In honor of my newest reader, Platonic, I present my debut cartoon on Xtranormal. You can read Platonic's blog here and I shit you not, I couldn't possibly make this stuff up!


bastinptc said...

Pretty wild stuff worth a bookmark.

Lorin Yelle said...

Long time no hear! How's the PLO going at Stars?

havin_a_laff said...

I coudl be wrong but I think that guy offered to teach me...

Lorin Yelle said...

At 15GBP/hr, how could you go wrong?

Platonic_ said...

fuck off you pricks

you think its funny to laugh at someone just because they are having a downswing???

you will be pleased to know i've turned my last £100 into over £2000 now so its ok im doing well agaian and back to my best

anyone who still wants coaching give me an email.


Lorin Yelle said...

It's only a downswing if you used to be a winner. But I'm happy for you...I really am.

Lorin Yelle said...

Platonic's comeback? Sounds like a sequel is in order.

Anonymous said...

Lorin, that was epic.

And Platonic, we're not laughing at your downswing. We are laughing at you. Consider it your gift to the community.

To which we are most appreciative.


Lorin Yelle said...

Thanks! I had meant to ask you last night about where and what stakes you SS at. I have recently done some statistical analysis and was looking for someone to compare notes with.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lorin,

Ah, my stakes are negligible. Small and micro stakes, hundreds of thousands of rounds. I have this fascination with finding the "Holy Grail" of short stack strategies.

Call it an unhealthy addiction that keeps me staring at the screen and huddled in the corner with pen and paper.

I think I've experimented with everything from Miller to Jim Rose's Poker secret, lol. The best info I've found online was on an old Blog Called "Donkey Devastation" by Brian Stubiak. It's no longer on the net, but the info was a cut above most discussions.

Lately, I've been experimenting with outright pushing. No raising. I have a strategy now I'm putting through it's paces, I'll let you know the results in about 50K hands or so.

I once solicited Imsakidd for some advice, and was politely declined. Nice guy, but trade secrets are trade secrets I suppose.

He did off one suggestion, though:

"Trust Choo Choo math"

(still working on the at one :)


Lorin Yelle said...

Choo choo math? No idea what that means but that sounds deep...

Outright pushing will only get you so far and you just can't pass the microlimits that way. I do outright push most playable hands from the SB though, but that is only to overcome the post flop positional disadvantage.

I have risen the ranks through said strategies. Jim Rose's was a total bullshit hoax, Ed Miller's is accurate though totally raw and overly simplistic, and Donkey Devastation is based on sterile lab conditions that don't necessarily translate well into real play. BTW, you can still find the site at http://archive.org.

Beating the higher limits requires more post flop play. I have found that a good pre-flop reshoving game is only about 55% of the total strategy. The rest comes from good post-flop which plays very similarly to the early middle stages of tournament play.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lorin, thanks a bundle. I've been looking for any copy of DD's site for sometime now, I owe ya!

I like what you said regarding DD's calculations. On this note, I've turned off my HUD a while back, as I didn't really feel it was helping. It certainly gave the impression it was, but after looking at various win rates, I've always done better without it.

I think the game dynamics within a given session far outweigh any long term stats we may gravitate towards.

Insofar as my latest push-botting is concerned, it's really a product of a recent minimalist fetish that appears to be soaking into all aspects of my life.

Go figure.

That said, I may have to welch on the 50K hand sample, though. These are tasks best left for a bot. Recent inspiration revolves around moving away from a one or two street game, and trying to coax a little more action from my worthy adversaries. Perhaps min betting as an opening gambit, which should give me a little more room to play post flop.

Well ... compared to pushbotting, I guess.



(ps Thanks for the post flop play suggestions. Any info regarding SS play is always appreciated. Generally speaking, the pros ain't talking, and the riff-raff only squabble.)

Lorin Yelle said...

No problem! I'm not much for giving anything away either, though I can certainly steer you in the right direction.

Make sure to drop a comment on the newest episode of "This Poker Life". I wanted to draw the series out some more, but I was feeling extra inspired tonight.