Friday, November 6, 2009

Willing to Trade: Short Stack Snake Oil for Baby Stack College Fund

I wanted to offer my services as a coach, perhaps for the last time. As I have vastly improved my game and winnings, I have become less and less inclined to take on new students, and quite likely will stop doing it altogether as of the end of this month. For anyone who is interested, the rate is $150 per hour, or $125 per hour for those who sign up at my rakeback site, with a minimum of 2 hours purchased.

I have included my results since September 1st and this is the last time I will be posting them as well. I don't care to gloss over the content of this site with brags or pissing contests about win rates. I am only including this now for street cred and to show that you can make a lot of money when short stacking correctly and without even putting in extreme volume.

*The oddly staked games came from a conversion error from Cake poker hands where the small blind wasn't posted. All nasty responses posted will be deleted, so don't even waste your time. Just contact me at


havin_a_laff said...

how can you sleep at night damn you! lol.

that's a sick number of hands and very nice win rate.

just wondered if you are concerned that the sites will ever set a minimum by in on all tables?

Lorin Yelle said...

I sleep with the angels ;)

Not really concerned. I actually read something from FTPdoug about the consequences of doing so and he felt they were very dangerous, summed up as something like:

the good: a small group of regs are happy.

the bad: the medium sized group of short stackers get angry and leave the site.

the even: the large group of normal players don't notice or care.

the bad: the regulars from other sites all come over to FT.

the bad: there is a feeding frenzy off of the fish pool, making it difficult for bad an average players to stay alive.

the bad: the fish are now gone and the regulars leave the site.

Lorin Yelle said...

It has been said short stackers are now part of the "poker ecosystem." Being that this ecosystem is now enjoying the height of its all time popularity, it would be suicide to tangle with it just to salve a whiny vocal minority (who continue to play anyway!).

Lorin Yelle said...

Those are big bets- look again.

Anonymous said...

hmm does holdem manager not display it in big blinds? dont get why youd alter it to make your win rate look smaller

Lorin Yelle said...

It did, and I reconfigured it to make it consistent with PT3.

Not sure if you are the same anonymous as before, but I see no need in changing this for someone else's benefit. The only stat that really matters is how much you are taking home each month.

Anonymous said...

lol you play 200k hands in a month? Please post your lifetime results then ill consider coaching, 200k hands could easy be a heater especially when your win rate is so small.

Lorin Yelle said...

That is since September 1st. Learn how to read and I will consider taking you on as a student.

You must be a nanostakes player if you believe that there is something wrong with 1.47ptBB/100. 2ptBB is a very good win rate for ANY stack size at any stakes above $.5/1. Maybe you will find out someday.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the coaching sir.

Fuck the haters

Travis said...

Hey Lorin, I have been wanting some coaching from you for a while. I had been talking to Travis about it in Sep. but he never got back to me. If you are still taking students I'd be interested in 5 hors or so. Maybe more. Let me know. Thanks.

Lorin Yelle said...

Are you still at the j.hargrave email? I had sent you something on 10/1 and never got anything back. Shoot me an email and I will resend it.

Anonymous said...

What world do you live in that 200k hands is purely due to a heater?
Besides the fact that Lorin's obviously been a successful player for a long time I love the criticism of any success constantly being a heater as if he posted 20k hands and was like look at me I'm the shiznit. As I posted earlier instead of typing on here your garbage saying that he needs to demonstrate a larger sample size before you consider his teaching, why don't you post ANY 200k hand sample you have that show you a winning player, if not as in a previous post GTFO

Anonymous said...

Impressive results.

Are these stats at 6max or Full Ring?


Lorin Yelle said...

It's a mix of both.

JJ said...

What's your approximate ptBB/VPIP%/PFR%/3bet% for 6max?

What are the main differences between shortstacking 6max and Full Ring?


Lorin Yelle said...

Since HEM doesn't distinguish the difference, I had to filter out all hands played with less than 7 players. So for 96,600 hands, the WR is 1.92ptBB (1.44 EV adjusted) and I run an 18/18/10.

As for the other question, I'm sorry, but I am not sure that I feel comfortable answering that question outside of a coaching session.