Sunday, February 19, 2012

Churchill Downs Buys Bluff Media

In an incredible bout of irony, Churchill Downs has bought Bluff Media. I know that at this point this is hardly breaking news, but I can't get past this without adding my own two cents. In this article from Pokerfuse HERE.

In the article, they even have the gall to mention how this would put them in a solid position if poker were to officially become legalized in the US, and potentially even expand their presence into the online casino market. Even though that idea is clearly encouraging, I can't help but be a little pissed off that they were the obvious force behind Governor Beshear's decision to go after the domain names of poker sites. It is no secret in Kentucky that horse racing interests have always possessed a strong pull on state politics, but at least the schmucks are finally coming around to the idea that the game of poker is not a threat to their core business. After all, since when has propping up a craps table on the same floor as the slot machines stolen grandma from her favorite pastime?

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