Saturday, November 3, 2012

The New Full Tilt Poker: Shallow Tables Are Back!


To all active and aspiring short stackers, I have great news: shallow tables are returning to FTP! These tables are 20-40BB buy in, and I am actively encouraging people to check them out. I saw the news here:

So what can you expect from this offering? Here are some benefits you will enjoy that aren't really available at Stars 20BB CAP tables:

1. Fish!!!!! Prior the bomb dropping on Black Friday, these were some of the fishiest games to be found anywhere. 6 max tables with two and sometimes more 50+ VPIP fish were common and would populate these games at stakes as high as $10/20!

2. 40BB regs who thought they knew short stacking. A lot of these guys were big winners, booking winrates of 4bb/100 or higher, however, many of them played very poorly vs. the short stackers. Presumably, they tolerated us just to get at the whales.

3. Larger open raise sizes. 3-3.5x was still standard play. Unlike at Stars where these raise sizes signify a big hand and little to no fold equity, guys would consistently open for this much and then fold.

4. Larger stacks + bigger open raises = the return of the devastating squeeze and dead money! This feature is huge. Basically, this was one of the most attractive attributes of short stacking and is what caused all the ruckus. The ability to do this will automatically add at least 1bb/100 to your winrate with zero improvement to your game.

5. Smaller rakeback. <--- Yes, you read that correctly. Small rakeback leads to more favorable pro to fish ratio, and whether you realize it or not, ground up fish are what have been paying for your lucrative rakeback deal this entire time. Your immediate improvement in winrate will more than compensate for what you are giving up. Even better: my prediction is that you will be facing off against an ocean of fish who are "freerolling" with their own money, anxiously looking forward to injecting their money back into the poker economy!

There are several more features to be mentioned, but I won't be doing it here. It is all available in my Short Stack Revolution strategy series, available for the low, low price of just $369 ;). Go to for details.

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