Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thinking of Moving in a New Direction

As enjoying as it has been playing the part of the villain for greater part of the past year, it might be time to move on and wear the shell of a new identity.  No, it was not due to Full Tilt's move to raise the minimum buy in, which I am in fact quite pleased about for reasons that will be explained in an upcoming blogpost.  The move is more about the desire to not dilute the quality of the writing by visibly wearing such a divisive uniform.  As stated previously, this blog has never been to endorse short stacking or any other poker form or strategy.  When it all comes down to the wire, there are really only two kinds of play that I truly endorse- the fun kind and the profitable kind.  As it were, both Travis and I have been very grateful for the ongoing support of our dedicated readers and their openmindedness to strategies that they might not even necessarily agree with, yet can still respect as just another aspect to a complex and ever-changing game.

Incidentally however, this move is actually inspired by Full Tilt's introduction of Rush Poker.  Though considered by some to be a mockery of purist poker, I actually embrace it as a very innovative and profitable move on their part that fills a gap in an area that was lacking in both online and brick and mortar play- instant action and gratification for both enthusiasts and recreational players alike.  How does this tie in to the move to change the direction of our blog?  Due to my most recent strategy construct improvements in short stacking, I have gleaned some super insights on how to exploit a strategy glitch that this new type of play allows.  And no, I am not referring to short stacking these games.  Even if it were possible, I would not choose to do this.  I have been full stacking these games a bit this month to some good win rates and massive profits and I am eager to share these insights in the hope that our current and future readers will be able to explore them without bias in ways that they will find to be both enjoyable and profitable.  Too many people have been quick to judge my knowledge of the game based on the way in which I choose to express my skills within the game and I do want short stacking to hide the fact that I have been making a living purely off this game in one form or another for close to 5 years now- a feat that I am truly proud of.

This blog has always been and will continue to be about managing the professional lifestyle, thinking outside the box and challenging conventional and outdated poker dogma.  My ultimate personal goal is not to be the best short stacker in the world, nor full stacker, or even the best player.  I would prefer to leave a legacy as one of the great poker writers and thinkers about the game, and I feel that the identity of "The Short Stack Hero" will only burden this ultimate goal.  For this I would personally like to request a favor from our regular readers to let us know in which ways they feel they have benefited most from the content on this site so that we can pave the path to future.

In any case, here are the articles that I have been meticulously mulling over in my mind to post over the course of the last month, not in any particular order:

  • January and December results
  • Full Tilt's move to raise the minimum buy in
  • Game Theory, Short Stacking, and "what's best for the game"
  • Rush Poker review and strategy concepts
  • Insights gained from looking back on a year of short stacking.  This will be truly epic!
  • Bankroll Theory, part III (I was wrong)

As always, thank you for reading and your support!


Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Poker Stars Blogger Championship

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