Monday, March 23, 2009

Week 2 With No HUD....Another $3,000

There are two brand new things to note about this week's results. The first is that I had a brief and unsuccessful venture in $2/4 where everything possible went wrong. Surprisingly, not once did I get in pre-flop less than a coin flip. Being that I have been short stack crushing $1/2 so hard and getting comfortable doing so, I decided that making the instant jump was adding on a level of stress that was not necessary at this point, so I have decided to just sprinkle in a few good $2/4 games here and there until I make the total transition.

The second point is that you will notice that I have decided that I will not be covering up my pre-flop stats anymore, for two good reasons. The first is that I want to shock and appall everyone with how tight I am yet still able to win at the rate of a strong, successful full stacker. In fact, Poker Listings currently has me ranked as the 50th tightest player in the world, a badge that I wear with honor.

The second reason I do this is because I am no longer concerned that anyone can read these stats and steal my game plan. Great short stack play is not a pre-flop shoving contest. It is about staying ahead of your opponents' ranges, finding +EV spots and risking your buy-in to grab them, and making the optimal plays post-flop.

In my next post, I will be introducing a revolutionary concept called the "Range Map" and how that ties in with what I call "Proper Play Theory." The range map is a term I am coining that allows me to consistently beat completely unknown players without the use of any prior statistics or knowledge of them. This is a concept that applies to both live and online play and is adaptable to changes in the future flow of the game and will thus always be relevant.


SplitSuit said...

assuming u are still SS'ing, those stats are pretty loose for a SS'r.

at least the vpip/pfr are a lil on the looser side.


Lorin Yelle said...

You are saying this in jest, right?

SplitSuit said...

not at all. generally solid SS'rs are running about 8/8, 7/7, or 8/7


Lorin Yelle said...

Interesting. My own observations have shown me that those SSers running at those stats are generally small winners or rakeback pros (AKA fluffers or fleshbots). From what I have seen, I am the tightest of the big winning SSers at my level. The other ones all have unique styles and run anything from 15/13, 12/7, 11/10, to 12/10. The 15/13 buys in for 25 BB, though, so he is in a separate category, so to speak.

Lorin Yelle said...

But I might also have stated, "I want everyone to be shocked and appalled by how tight I am, except for Split Suit, who would be thoroughly shocked by how incredibly loose I am." ;)

SplitSuit said...

thats me...always 7 standard deviations from norm =)


The Goatian said...

Hey man

Ive noticed your rb deal is terrible

I play on expekt and am an affiliate for them if youre interested, double the % your getting atm

But what site do you play on? Ipoker? Have i played you?

Sorry if this seems like spam or summat but im just saying

noticed you following my blog the other week, i play tons of shorties ranging from 30/24 to 8/8

Thats mainly 6 max though, the shorties playing 30/24 are incredibly fun, if you wanna steal then your gonna have to flip for it

The Goatian said...

Full tilt obv, howd I miss that

Read quite a few of your posts, you certainly have a lot on your mind :)

Short stackers are public enemy number 1 in the forums i frequent lol, but i dont care, i dont particulary like playing them but if they make money like you do, relatively variance free then thats cool

Winning at 5bb/100 is really good in todays game

Ill be honest and say id take 4bb/100 for the rest of the year

Lorin Yelle said...

The truth is, I hate other short stackers as well. Not that the destroy any kind of purity of this game of degenerates, but because even the shitty ones are still taking money off the table.

I am not sure just how well I have been running, but I am definitely enjoying my current win rate. I'll tell you what- being able to get up every day and EXPECT to win is one hell of a feeling (since Feb. 1st, my daily win percentage is at 82%). It really is a boost of energy and allows my mind more freedom to figure out how I can improve a little bit each day, rather than mull over how badly I got outplayed or fucked over by the deck.