Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Short Stack Strategy is Now on Video!

After two weeks of blood, sweat, and tears I have 90% completed a version of my short stack strategy seminar on a video set.  All of the theoretical concepts are completed and ready for immediate download, leaving only the sweat session and HEM mastery versions to be recorded so I will be taking pre-orders at the introductory price of $295.  Starting on Valentine's Day, I will be showing my love for the world by raising the price of the video collection to $395.  The videos contain over 60 power point slides and over 60 unique, fully-visual hand examples to illustrate each post-flop concept. All purchases will also include my hand charts and a half hour consultation.  Periodic supplementary content will be available by popular demand

Here is a list of the videos and some of the contents of each:

1. Essentials
  • HUD setup with explanation of both weak and strong stats
  • Game selection with effective player tagging
  • Seat selection
  • The 4 major goals of post-flop play: maximum value, pot control, protecting your hand, and unexploitability
2. Pre-flop Concepts
  • Interpreting different raise sizes by position
  • Recognizing an iso-raise
  • Squeezing
  • Facing cold 3 and 4-bets
  • Counteracting unusual 3-bet sizes such as the min 3-bet and the single re-raise
3. Single Caller OOP
  • Evaluating flop texture
  • Criteria for C-betting
  • Playing all marginal hands, including overcards, 2nd & 3rd pair, and TPWK
  • Playing draws
  • Bluffing the turn
  • Check raising marginal value on the turn
  • Interpreting and countering the 3 different donk bets: the min-bet, the half pot bet, and the full pot bet
  • Ace high flops
  • Multi-way Pots
4. Single Caller IP
  • Same concepts as above, with a strategy for playing draws on the turn on river
  • Playing vs. a single limper by position
  • Range balancing
  • Going for thin value
5.  Blind Play
  • Evaluating limper strength by position
  • How to proceed on your free play
  • Heads up strategy for the small blind
  • Playing the BB when the SB limps
  • Countering aggressive heads up min-raisers

Total runtime of the videos is over 5 hours.  Contact me for payment options or if you would like a short preview of them, which I can provide over Teamviewer.


Drew said...

Congratulations, man! Sounds like a steal!

Lorin Yelle said...

Hey man! The initial response has far exceeded my expectations.