Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Short Stack Sexiness- Low Volume/High Win Rate

The month of May was pretty relaxing. I was still working on my new website, so about 25 hours of these results came from 4-6 tabling. I have also been out shopping for a house, so I was "forced" to take several days off for that as well. Although this win rate (measured in ptBB/100) is not likely sustainable, I am certainly enjoying the current run.

Here are the totals:

Hours: 113
Short Stack Winnings: $7,987
Tournament Winnings: $205
Rakeback: ~$1,500

Total: $9,692
Hourly rate: $85.77


Memphis MOJO said...

Nice job!

Lorin Yelle said...

Thank you very much, sir!

S1ndr0me said...

thats some pretty hardcore SS'ing. nice one

Roenan said...

Jealous, going through two weeks of break even play after two good months so I'm drooling at the screen.

Lorin Yelle said...


What stakes have you been playing? You still SSing?

Roenan said...

After withdrawing bankroll to pay for 1st year law school this fall .25-.50 and shortstackings the only thing thats been keeping me sane (besides the other advantages the one thing I love is when you get stacked for a beat it is only 20bbs, the freedom emotionally that provides from normal devastation is indescribable, such as when you are in the bb vs sb all-in preflop your AA to KQ and lose not that harsh as 100bb would have me punching a small squirrel). Actually althougth its not shortstacking that the last two weeks have been break even, I've been winning in that but it's limit thats been hurting. Its okay I know stretches are just part of the lot thats cast, but looking at your results its hard not to be green with envy (and proud).

KnockoffNeil said...

what sites are you SS'ing dude? id have thought it difficult on pokerstars. But at $2 and $4 on party there calling pre flop all ins with any ace lmao

Lorin Yelle said...

I play at Full Tilt and Cake Network. Given that I am resident of Kentucky, where I can play is pretty limited. It has been my experience that when done right, it will work anywhere, though some places are definitely more difficult than others.

KnockoffNeil said...

ah i see, ive played alot on cake, and got a roll going about a month back but had to withdraw it all to pay for a course "sob". Im gonna have to give this SS'ing a serious go tho and see what happens. Prob read thru some of your previous posts and get some pointers.


Roenan said...

Lorin or Travis, I was hoping you guys might have experience in this with Pokertracker. I just had some internet problems today (during multiple pots) and so those hands come up as errors when imported. Do you guys have any experience in what to do to fix it so that the database is correct? I tried looking on PT3s website forums but nothing of any relevance would come up.

Thanks for reading, looking forward to next post.

Lorin Yelle said...

Ah, dealing with buggy software. I have actually found that those types of "errors" are of little to no consequence. Since I keep stats in Statking as well as PT3 or HEM, I always keep a hand tally of my pre and post game balances as well and even though those hands read as errors when importing files, I have found that the databases always seem to match up with my hand tally as well.

Roenan said...

Thanks Lorin,

Question for you and Travis,

As you guys are playing (since you guys do this for a living) do you ever feel your discipline falter (times that you know you shouldn't call that raise with a questionable hand but your concentration slips and you do.) Or you get tired in a night that you are having a bad run (sets losing to higher sets etc) and you are tired of being bullied around so you make plays at pots you shouldn't.

Does that happen even for small periods (till you fix the leak) and if so how do you personally go about fixing it?

Or are you guys just immune as a result of playing so much and because it's your profession?

Sorry for the long post.

Travis "The Dirrty" Rose said...


It happens all the time. I don't think that anybody is immune to it, it is just a question of how long a time period you let yourself fall in to that funk before you get out of it. Todd Brunson wrote a good peice about that happening to him in Card Player a couple issues ago. A guy shoved on him with Q10 and he called with his KK. The guy made a set of Queens to chop Brunson's legs out. He busted out of the tournament a few hands later on an admittedly bad play because he was so steamed.
My simple rule is that if I have to ask myself if I may be Tilting or that I may be getting tired, then I am, or the question wouldn't have come up. At that point I will quit or take a break. This is a trick that I just started using in the last few months and it has served me well. Almost without exception, when I have hung on after asking myself that question, I have regretted it.
So no I don't think that anybody (except, by all accounts, the late Chip Reese) is immune to it happening. You just need to find your own little trick or mental gymnastic to deal with it. I think that is one of the Metagame aspects that you need to add to your toolbox to round out your game.

moronist said...

Travis, I don't think you are a total douchebag, but if you feel you are, I won't bother trying to change your mind.

Lorin Yelle said...

What I do, very few people would probably even call tilting. If I get pissed off, it probably only lasts a hand or two and usually consists of me raising all in with AQ instead of AQs, which my internal script says is the correct play. That is actually one of the strongest parts of my game- that I tilt very shortly or not at all.