Friday, August 7, 2009

Some Poker Haiku, an attempt at Suckout Therapy

My Queens versus fours
Please Dear God no fucking four
That is such Bullshit

Douche bag sucked out
I bounce around in huge Tilt
I hope he gets AIDS

I hate this damn game
I will never play again
and then I reload

Now Douche bag will pay
Just need a fresh beverage
Will kick him in cunt

Why does God hate me
Douchebaggery Rewarded
This site is rigged

Holy Shit, I won
Finally Motherfucker
Suck on these Nizzuts

I hope these Haiku brought some Peace and Serenity to you as the did me....I would love to see some from our readers if any of you get inspired....


Anonymous said...

This blog tilts me hard
like trees in a hurricane
it blows like my wad

Lorin Yelle said...

Dear Anonymous
bite down hard on this wood stick
as I enter you

Dr Zen said...

why choose STTs?
I must hate myself so much
to get kicked in crotch

why choose STTs?
the fish are clueless but they
know flush draws will come in

why choose STTs?
pushing 52 off is fun
until you see aces

Grundy said...


You should get on Twitter a drop one of these everyday.

You are my despirational hero.

wwpid said...

Aces make me hard
Foolish re-raise you donkey
Cake Poker loves me

I sit and hit time
giddy as a small school girl
Hollywood? I'm Deniro

Preparing K-Y
Bend over Miladyrose
Ace Rag will do fine

Close, maybe next time
Guess those chips will put me to...
Thank you for playing?

Someone dies tonight
A wheel? I will smother you
Come here Jack Daniels

Lorin Yelle said...

Those were awesome!!