Thursday, February 18, 2010

December and January Results

Cash: $23,619
Rakeback: ~$6,750
Tournament Winnings: $573
Gold Stack Bonus: $323
Gold Card Race: $310
Race Chase: $3,200

Not shown: ~$350 Rush Poker (played on my laptop)
$120 Heads up

TOTAL: $35,145

I was kind of reluctant to post this at first in light of recent security attacks on my FT account, my rakeback account, and the blog itself.  Rest assured, there is no more money in any of these accounts, as I cashed it all away on one misclick against Isildur1 shortly thereafter (though it is still in dispute on a datamining charge).  If said hacking scum is reading this right now, you know who you are and I hope you die in a grease fire.

Essentially this was all made in about 6 weeks time, as I was actually stuck about $500 as of the middle of December and then immediately began to run like Cantu.  Over this span I ran over $5,000 over EV, but would have certainly been happy running totally even or below.  I did manage to skeet by on the January Rake Chase which added heftily to my January total, which also pushed me past the $20k mark for the first time ever in the cash games, which was truly exciting for me on a personal level.

Though I spent the first week and a half away from the tables this month, things are still looking solid, though I have a rather moderate goal of making at least $6k since I have not been able to log the hours.  Other than that, I am very excited to be an official affiliate of Rakebacknation and also have been invited to do some writing for, their affiliated site.  Though the details have not yet been worked out, I plan on offering more original content on that platform and hopefully offering my share of deranged humor as well!

As an aside, I would like to send a special thank you to my friend and colleague, Crazy Bear, whose influence on my game boosted my results practically overnight and without his help, none of what you see above would have been possible.


havin_a_laff said...

wow! WP.

Memphis MOJO said...


Lorin Yelle said...

Thanks guys!

Andu said...

Are those winnings made with shortstacking on cake?

Lorin Yelle said...

Yes, pretty much all of it. Do you play there?

Andu said...
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Andu said...

Yes i have been experimenting since 13veb. My results so far:

Lorin Yelle said...

Looks like you are doing really well! What name have you been playing under there?

Andu said...

Dont get yourself confused, winrate is on bigblinds not ptBB like u have:D Current screenname is basement jax. You must be monty something or *****girl**, dont remember excactly. Anyway noticed there is 2 players playing from louisville only:)

Lorin Yelle said...

No mistake- I saw that. In fact, winning even 1BB/100 at NL100 can be a fine living if you are playing enough tables. Of course, if you are publicly posting your results you will eventually come under fire for your "tiny" winrate from guys playing NL10 or NL25 making 5BB/100 who apparently know better than you, even if you are banking 6k a month to their 2. Simple advice- the money that you are taking home each month is the only real stat that matters.

Brandon said...


Brandon said...

Sorry for that first messed up post. Amazing results, I really wish you put more short-stacking strategy posts on your site.

Also are those results all full-ring?

Anyways I wish I could maintain 1BB/100 at 100NL. Please let me know if you have any advice. It's been tough for me to figure out where I'm exactly leaking right now.