Thursday, April 9, 2009

Introducing Travis "TheDirrty" Rose

Travis will be a contributing blogger on The Short Stack Hero from now on. Although he has nothing important to say, this will give him an outlet to spout some worthless, although some might say "humorous" material while filling in the gaps while I ponder more important issues. So without further ado, please welcome Travis to his new home!


Platonic_ said...

hero? more like fuckin zero

you lack the skill to play proper poker why dont you go fuck yourself

is it true that all short stakers have half the brain of a normal human and a penis the size of a peanut? also i heard you all have really smelly feet?

why you think my recent downswing is funny? your a fucking freak

Platonic_ said...

if your gonna learn to play the game you better learn to play it right