Thursday, April 23, 2009

Who Are You, RIGHT NOW?

I am a regular listener to the 2+2 Pokercast with Mike and Adam. In my opinion, it is simply the most entertaining and thoughtful one running, with the most talented radio personalities. In their last one, they were reviewing a recent SCOOP event where former WSOP Champion Greg Raymer was complaining about his luck when he lost deep in an event to Christian Schlager when his quads lost to bigger quads in a game of PLO. He had mentioned that this did not surprise him as he had been running very bad lately. Schlager, ever the one to speak his mind in an apparently frank and obscene way had quipped that anyone who has won the World Series of Poker Main Event loses all rights to ever complain about running bad, ever again.

Is this true? Personally, I disagree with Mr. Schlager.

After all, Vanilla Ice had sold 11 million copies of his debut album, To the Extreme. Even still, I don't see anyone lining up to trade places with him. In fact, I would bet my entire bankroll that anyone reading this wouldn't even cross the street to piss on him if his head was on fire. So where is he now? Does anyone know? Do they even care?!

You see, Joe Hachem was fortunate enough to win the WPT championship the year after he claimed the title at the WSOP. In his own words, he felt like he was floating, that this was even better than his accomplishment the year before even though he had won less than a third of that this time around. It was instant validation, and everyone knew it. Raymer, on the other hand, has pursued a career in poker and has since had no titles to show for it and in a sense has gone the route of Chris Moneymaker. I certainly respect Raymer for his accomplishments and all that he has since done for the game of poker in America with his work for Poker Players' Alliance, but I can sympathize with him as well.

Look back on your own life. Should everything be OK just because you starred in your 5th grade play? Is life simply wonderful because you threw the touchdown pass in your homecoming football game? Will you die happy because you married the prom queen?

All jokes aside, this is a lesson that Platonic would be wise to learn. No ones cares if he was once a baller at the small stakes at William Hill. Today he is just another broke grinder begging for a stake. You are only as good as your last session and the relative size of your bankroll. Nothing else matters. Who are you today, in this very moment?


farhasbedsit said...

i just won £100 so im happy with life.


Finnianp said...

Well SSH, just dropping by to let you know that, from what I gather, you're an asshole. congrats on mocking the fella who's going through a bad run, I'm sure he appreciates it, and well done on conquering all of us fullbuyiner's. I have a medal in my pocket for you. I look forward to the return comments cos I'm sure, with your command of the english language, that you will slaughter me in the battle of the wits. Bring it on...................... I hope your mother recovers after My friends and I destroyed her ugly face

that's her with the passion for swallowing that black beauty

Lorin Yelle said...


Consider this your first lesson in quality poker: find out what your opponent wants you to do, and then do the opposite.

So since you are looking to draw me into an argument, enjoy having a thoughtful "battle of the wits" with my auto-responder from now on. Thanks for reading!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't the Platonic blog made up by a few people basically taking the piss out of someone by the same name who used to trash talk all the time at the micros?

Lorin Yelle said...

Well that would certainly make sense... If that's the case, then I guess they really did make a fool out of me after all and my hat's off to them.

P.S. I am not really sure I understand your British code. What does "taking the piss out of someone" mean?

Anonymous said...

Taking the piss is a term for making or poking fun of someone. Well thats the closest you'd get I think!

Wilhelm said...

Yep that's true Lorin, it's just a fake blog and a great one it is! It's been really enjoyable seeing you trying to have an intelligent blog battle versus someone that is just a made-up character.

Thanks for the entertainment, we've had a lot of fun!

Lorin Yelle said...

Well you understand the implications of this, right? The series is back online.....

houchen1 said...

ye we had you there lorin

im houchen

king of £20nl texas holdem but hey your cartoons made me really laugh out loud so alls good in the hood.

ok ty

Lorin Yelle said...

Why should I believe anyone any more about who they say they are? BTW, thanks for all the material so these cartoons could be possible.

P.S. I apologize for insulting your god.

houchen1 said...

lol never trust a poker player!!!

and i call him my god because platonic loved me so much he paid for my holidays and gave me money every time i sat down at his table.